Personal Training with Kristy Thomson

I will tailor make each program to suit your needs and goals. Each session conducted will be focused on changing attitude and eating habits to create a positive environment where the words "I can't" won't be uttered. I will motivate you, manage your training, and monitor your progress to make sure you achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

An individual focused health and well being program will allow you to provide yourself with the necessary tools to look after your mind and body, and provide the quality of life you want now, and in years to come. A more active and positive outlook will help form the foundations of a successful life.

My areas of speciality:

Weight loss
Bodyfat reduction
Muscle increase
Motivation and confidence building
Sport & Event-specific training
Strength & conditioning for every day life


What you will get :

Individualised programs to suit you and your lifestyle
Goal orientated sessions
Monthly newsletters
Self confidence
Knowledge & Support

I want successful clients. I want you to be successful for yourself. I care about my clients results. Life is short, time is precious. In order to create success you need to think like a successful person. Let me help you get there.

Other useful Information:
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