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Here you can meet some of my clients, and share in their inspiring success stories. Read about their achievements and how they reached them, and witness some truely awesome before and after shots. Click to enlarge all thumbnails.

Melanie Smith - Bodybuilding Success Story

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Last year - one of my goals was to compete in a body sculpting completion - something I have thought about doing for years but had put off - thinking that I wouldn't be able to stick to the diet, be hungry and be unable to cope with all the training.

In 2010 I had competed in a 6 week gym challenge prior to moving back to ChCh and whilst I lost weight and really leaned up, I was STARVING for the whole of the 6 weeks! I was eating like a sparrow following the diet given to me whilst on the challenge!

I moved back to Christchurch in April 2012 from down south - and did my homework before I moved to find the best personal trainer to help me achieve my goals.

That personal trainer was Kristy!

I met with Kristy the first week I was in Christchurch and we have never looked back! She has taught me so much and I feel fitter, healthier and more in control of my diet / exercise than I ever have before.

When I met Kristy - she immediately doubled my food intake! I wondered how on earth I was going to lose body fat and lean up - but I put my faith in Kristy and followed her advice to the T.

We had 4 months to get me ready for my first competition. Kristy has a real gift for just looking at your body and 'tweaking' food intake to get the desired results. All her carefully followed advice did the trick and I won the Overall figure champion for my first ever show!

I couldn't have achieved my goal of competing without Kristy and I certainly never dreamed I would win my first competition. Yes - I work hard in the gym, but I look to Kristy for her expertise, experience and support to help me achieve my goals ongoing.

This year, with Kristy's guidance I have won the NABBA / WFF Christchurch Grand Prix Masters Figure Champion and best of all the NZIFBB South Island Physique Champion.

Together we continue to work on my goals which are expanding!! Kristy makes me believe that I can achieve these goals - and with her continuing guidance, support and expertise (along with a bit of hard work on my part!) I believe I will achieve my goals.

I couldn't have chosen a better PT!

Jacqui Mason - Weight loss Success Story

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Battling with grief, emotional overeating and horrific food choices, "anything quick and easy", left me ballooning at a weight of 87kg and a Body fat of 34%!!! "GASP" you might ... I sure did!!

After losing my partner in a motorcycle accident in 2008 leaving me to raise our 7 month old son on my own, it didn't leave much time for me to think about my health, nor did I want to. Shopping trips would end with me sitting in the car in tears hating the reflection staring back at me in the mirror. My self esteem and confidence was at an all time low. I had tried numerous diets from Atkins to Weight Watchers even The Lemon Detox, only to find YES I could lose weight but be damned if I could keep it off. I'd get bored with bland foods and pretty much starving myself day in and day out or something stressful would occur and I'd find myself reaching in the cupboard or fridge for a quick fix. It made me feel good at the time but guilty as hell after. I also purchased every fitness magazine on the shelf to try and find inspiration. I'd cut out the food plans the pictures of amazing flawless FIT women. I'd stick these on the fridge and pantry, anywhere to keep me on track but even that became pointless. Until one day while reading NZ Fitness Magazine I turned the page, and there she was. No, not Kristy but a lady named Louise Palmer. Louise has been named "Personal Trainer of the Month". I read the article and it listed her wonderful accomplishments with bodybuilding placings and talked about how she had started training for her next competition with help from "knowledgeable trainer Kristy Thomson from Les Mills Christchurch". That was all it said. This intrigued me. A Personal Trainer using the services of another Personal Trainer? This Kristy Thomson must really know her stuff! I wanted to know more, and so my investigation began.

So where was I to begin? If in doubt ... GOOGLE IT! So I did. It led me to her website and her contact details. If I was going to lose this weight first of all I needed a goal, a Bodybuilding Show it would be. So ME being ME, very thorough, I emailed AND phoned her and left messages. I hoped to hear back soon as once I have an idea I'm not very patient. The very next day Kristy called me back, I was stoked, we made our first appointment to meet which was only a few days away.

After meeting with Kristy I got a feeling, if anyone was going to be able to help me it was going to be Kristy. She made the first steps so easy . There was no sugar coating, it was what it was, I had a lot of work to do if I was going to be ready by next year.

The diet changes where slow and manageable, there was no starving myself, if anything I was eating more food!! Kristy would write up a food plan and show me through my programme and I would go away back to Ashburton and attack it head on. We would meet every 4 6 weeks for weigh in and measure up, updates and changes and the best part, I could contact Kristy whenever I need.

Kristy has shown me the side of Personal Training I never knew existed, the "Personal" Part. If I need advice I'm not afraid to ask even the sometimes embarrassing stuff, I feel completely comfortable with Kristy. And even the times I need reigning back in to refocus and I feel like she's being tough on me, it's exactly what I need. I look forward to my appointments every time as it keeps me on track and I personally feel I need them. It's also a great excuse to catch up with my "Friend".

I entered my first NZIFBB Show in October 2011! I haven't looked back! My results were astounding. To look at the photos of the changes I have made not only to my physical self but in my emotional being, I am in the best shape of my life and I couldn't be happier.

Since 2011, I have entered NZIFBB Shows in both May 2012 and May 2013. With Kristy's guidance and training techniques I continue to show vast improvements to my physique each year. The Prep for each show has been tough and I can honestly say I couldn't have done any of this without Kristy by my side. I've learnt a lot about myself along the way too. I lost the unwanted weight I wanted to lose and have managed to keep it off for the past 2 years. I've learnt to accept my body in both on and off season conditions and I love watching the changes occur as I prep for each show. The feeling of having more body fat off season can seem daunting to some people but to me it means I am stronger which allows me to train heavier and I love to train heavy as I get great gains from training this way. I feel healthy, in shape and the fittest I have ever been in my life. When things get me down, as life does sometimes, I can now walk past the cupboard and instead I'll hit the gym!! There's nothing like "that feeling" after a great workout! I've met some amazing people on my journey and now instead of looking for inspiration from others, I AM INSPIRATION FOR OTHERS!

How do you thank someone who has helped change your life?

I can't thank Kristy enough. My journey has just begun and I plan to continue on this road of Healthy Fit Living and to offer a hand to others beginning their journey like I did. I don't hesitate in recommending Kristy as a Personal Trainer to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle. If you want to make a change than I suggest you contact her, YOU WONT REGRET IT!!

Ryan - Weight loss Success Story

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I think the best way to start this off is by saying a HUGE thank you to Kristy! I never thought I could achieve these results in such a short time period and really could not have done it without you! I am very excited to be taking my fitness to the next level with you.

Anyone thinking of hiring a personal trainer or even trying a new one then Kristy is the crème de la crème so to speak. Having had a personal trainer in the past and even a nutritionist I had a vague idea what to expect but Kristy far exceeded any of my expectations!

Kristy’s knowledge, experience, guidance, motivation and support are key attributes to helping anyone progress in their fitness. Kristy does more than just train you; she is interested in your progress even outside of your scheduled gym hours. If I ever got stuck during the day on what I could eat when I was out and about, a quick text and Kristy would let me know countless ideas to stay on track. Not to mention texts to see how I was going after a great training session or making sure my food and water was going well and if there was anything she could do to help. I had never heard of any other trainer keeping in touch with clients outside the gym and really showed how much Kristy cares about her clients and really wants you to succeed. Kristy is more interested in the person, not the pay :)

If you’re looking to make the change, whether it is to lose weight or improve your fitness… Seriously hire Kristy, you will not regret it!

Samantha - Weight loss Success Story

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"At 18, I weighed 65kg and by the time I was 20, I weighed a whooping 85kg! Because I outgrew my wetsuit and climbing harness I went from rock climbing and surfing to channel surfing on the couch with a bag of chips. I tried for a couple of years to get healthy and lose weight by myself but didn't have much luck, so I decided enough is enough! I need to get healthy so I can have the best life I can and not be held back by my weight.

Kristy met with me for a consultation and by the end of it, she had me so motivated by the results I could achieve that I couldn't wait to start! My first weigh in had me at 80kg and 36% body fat! I soon learned that it wasn't going to be as easy as I first thought. After a bad weigh in she said "60% of what you look like is what you eat" and I then realised that I couldn't keep doing what I was doing. Kristy helped me gain that mental toughness I needed to reach for my goals and not that block of chocolate.

With Kristy's constant guidance and support I have lost over 10kg, went from a size 14 to a size 10 and I am within sight of my end goals! I am stronger, fitter, have more energy and a zest for life that I didn't have before and I owe it all to Kristy! Her dedication and motivation for the people she trains is inspiring and I can't wait to continue our hard work this year and to see what else we can achieve. A big BIG thank you Kristy, you have changed my life!"


Stacey & Glen - Weight loss Success Story

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Stacey is a very busy lady, having her own buisness and two children. Like many, she found it hard to lose the weight after having children. Her and her husband Glen hired me to help them lose weight, tone up and get healthy. In 12 weeks Stacey lost 12kg and over 50 cms and Glen did the same. They both changed their lifestyles dramatically and have now maintained their weight loss for over a year.

At 32 and with many years behind me of eating all the wrong foods and drinking far too much alcohol I was on a crash course to a heart attack at 40. I had a fatty liver (and belly) and my liver function reading was nearly double what is recommended as healthy. I weighed in at a hefty 95kg with body fat of 26% and climbing.

The first time I meet Kristy she got me on my dusty treadmill to check my fitness...6 minutes later I thought I was going to die. She realised then that we both had plenty of work to do.

Kristy started me on the 12 week Body Revolution Program with immediate results. I lost 1.5% body fat in that first week!!! I continued to lose centimetres and body fat at a rapid rate surging to my 12 week goal. Each week I got leaner and stronger, I could lift more weights, run further and faster than I did when I was a teenager and my energy levels went through the roof. Gone were my afternoon naps and man boobs, exchanged for 6km runs 3 times a week and a couple of Pecs.

With Kristy's help I changed my life completely in just 12 weeks; I lost 10kg's and 13% body fat. Looking back the enormity of what we accomplished hit home. It's not unrealistic to say that Kristy gave me 40 or 50 more years here on earth and for that I will always be grateful.

It's been 10 months since that fateful 6 minute treadmill run and I am continuing to train with Kristy twice a week. Kristy is extremely professional, knowledgeable and FUN which makes doing the hard yards easy. Thanks Kristy.You Rock!!! — Glen


Marie Thatcher - Bodybuilding Success Story

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Marie did her first bodybuilding show for Nabba at the South Islands and got 3rd in the Novice figure section. Marie has trained under me for 3 years and built 3.5 kg of muscle over thoses years. For the show she lost 7-8 kg of bodyfat and went form a size 12 to an 8. It has been 3 months since her show and Marie is still in great shape and is at 16 percent bodyfat and a size 10. well done Marie im very proud of you and look forward to seeing you on stage next year.

Alana - Bodybuilding/BodyRevolution Success Story

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I met Alana at a bbq and we got chatting about her goals and dreams of wanting to be strong and toned and then compete in a Bodybuilding Show. I thought that Alana could achieve her goals, she would need to lose about 20kg of bodyfat and gain muscle in 20 weeks.

In the first 12 weeks Alana did a bodyfat loss program designed by a dietician This program is called Bodyrevolution. She lost 13kg in 12 weeks and went from a size 16-14 to a size 10 and gained 3kg of lean muscle mass. Alana went from over 34% bodyfat to 20% bodyfat in 12 weeks. The next 8 weeks Alana went down to a size 8 and got down to 14% for the show and she won her first show.

Maintenance: It is now 3 months since the Bodybuilding show and Alana is still looking fit and toned and is a size 10 with around 20% bodyfat. Alana learned it was about life style change not a diet. She is now in the best shape of her life. In total Alana lost 18kg going from 75kg to 57kg and a lot of bodyfat. Great Stuff!


Damian Van Del Hondel - Bodybuilder

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"I had weight trained for five years. I started off at 79kg's and got up to 98kg's. I had always wanted to compete, but being shy I didn't know if I could. Kristy's help and experience got me there. I dieted for 16 weeks prior to the show - losing 19kg's. I placed 3rd in the Novice Athlete Class. I trained with Kristy 3x a week for that time. Bodybuilding has given me the confidence to know that if I can do this mentally and physically challenging sport - I can do anything!"


Kristie Dunton - BodyRevolution Success Story

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"I have almost halved my size! I have come down from an 18-20 to a size 12. I feel amazing, and people that haven't seen me in a year don't even recognise me!"

Kristie was 100+kg's, and a size 18-20. She now weighs 85kg's is a size 12, and has has lost 70+ cm's from around her body.


Jodie - BodyRevolution Success Story

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"Now that i have lost all the bodyfat, cm's, and have reached my healthy weight goal, I feel like a new person. I have increased energy, can shop at any clothing shop, and I just don't put the weight on as easily as I used to...

Kristy was an amazing trainer, was always there to help motivate me and change my food and exercise plans regularly so I kept getting results. I wouldn't have been able to get there without her help and support."


Carl Horvorson - 12WC Success Story

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I was always quite active as a teenager, into Judo, mountain biking, and rock climbing, but as I got older, went flatting and became a student, I gave up these things for a lifestyle of eating whatever I wanted, drinking beer with my mates, and general laziness.

Last year my lack of motivation began to affect my studies, so I decided with my girlfriend Hannah, to enter the 12 Week Challenge with Kristy as our trainer.

The following 12 weeks became a huge turning point in my life, thanks to the programmes, nutritional advice, and motivation that Kristy gave me to make the changes necessary to achieve my goals.

I became a much more energetic, stronger, healthier person. Losing 13kgs in 12 weeks, and winning the male weight loss section of the challenge. As a result I am a whole new person, some of my old mates don’t recognise me, I finished my studies with top marks, I'm back into regular mountain biking and sowboarding and am now on a muscle building programme with Kristy. Now at 25, I haven't been in this good shape in over 9 years! — Carl Horvorson