Body Revolution

Successful weight management is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle choice
The BodyTrainer Revolution programme has been designed by professionals to help you achieve realistic goals that last well beyond most ordinary weight-loss programmes.

BodyTrainer Revolution is not a diet
It is a personalised, balanced programme of nutrition, exercise and personal training. You will feel motivated, encouraged and empowered to achieve your goals and you'll have fun along the way!

The total package includes:

  • Your very own BodyTrainer Revolution Personal Trainer
  • An individually tailored exercise programme, incorporating a variety of weight training, cardio woorkouts and group fitness classes.
  • 12 weeks of flexible eating plans allowing you to take control and maximise your results.
    Weekly nutritional education and relevant advice from the experts.
  • Your very own BodyTrainer Revoltuion Diary which contains 12 weeks of workout schedules, eating plans and recipes plus a results record to monitor your progress.

Results and Testimonials - Client Profiles

I have had some clients experience absolutely phenomenal results whilst utilising the BodyTrainer Revolution system. Please check back frequently to keep up to date with their amazing collection of personal success stories and see their inspiring results!


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Kristie was 100+kg's, and a size 18-20. She now weighs 85kg's is a size 12, and has has lost 70+ cm's from around her body.



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"Now that i have lost all the bodyfat, cm's, and have reached my healthy weight goal, i feel like a new person. I have increased energy, can shop at any clothing shop, and i just don't put the weight on as easily as i used to...

Kristy was an amazing trainer, was always there to help motivate me and change my food and excercise plans regularly so i kept getting results. I wouldn't have been able to get there without her help and support."