BodyTrainer™ Core

The most powerful tool available to awaken your body's full potential.
Unleash the power within.

Body Trainer Core is the smartest, most efficient way to build strength and flexibility and regain complete freedom of movement - to release your total body power. The 'core' comprising the pelvis, spine, ribcage and shoulders, is the body's true powerhouse.

BodyTrainer Core awakens the full potential of your body by working on inner and outer strength and form. The programme combines the best core conditioning exercises with Swiss ball and cable workouts and the latest stretching and strengthening techniques from Pilates.

BodyTrainer Core training will provide a leaner, more toned and conditioned torso, a pain-free lower back and improve your posture, balance, co-ordination and overall body strength.

Under the guidance of a BodyTrainer Core Personal Trainer you will receive an individually tailored training schedule with a personalised BodyTrainer Core training Diary which allows you to track your weekly progress.

The BodyTrainer Core program was created by leading health and fitness professionals from Les Mills international's research and development team and is delivered by experienced BodyTrainer Core Personal Trainers.