BodyTrainer™ Box

Go 12 rounds with the toughest opponent in town...your mind!
The Ultimate physical and mental challenge!

BodyTrainer Box is a powerful program specifically designed to give you greater inner confidence and outer strength. Combining elements of traditional boxing, kick boxing, and martial arts, BodyTrainer™ Box builds in intensity and results over 12 extraordinary weeks.

BodyTrainerBox is taught by highly-trained BodyTrainer™ professionals who only have one objective - to help you push the boundaries of your belief in yourself though a uniquely-challenging and physically-testing program.

BodyTrainerBox works hard at working you hard! Motivation flows from measurement as you track your progress and your accomplishments via your own specially-designed BodyTrainerBox Diary.

The BodyTrainerBox program will give you a new-found confidence that comes from achievement, unsurpassed fitness and a basic mastery of the techniques of boxing, martial arts, and kick boxing.