About me

I have been training for Fourteen years, and have been bodybuilding for Nine years. In this time I have competed in Nineteen shows. I have also done Tae Kwon Do for Four years getting to the level of Blue Belt.

I have completed Exercise Science Level One, as well as Advanced Exercise Science. Additionally I am a trained Les Mills Body Box instructor, Les Mills Boot Camp Instructor, Les Mills Body Core instructor, and a Les Mills Body Revolution Trainer.

Anything really is possible with the right help, expertise and support I can help you get there! I can help you achieve your goals!


My story


I have always had a body that puts on weight easily. When I was 12 years old, the teasing and being made fun of at school started. I went to the Doctor, and he said I was overweight for my age.

The first diet i went on was a success, and i lost 2 stone (14kgs), but then because i set the calories too high, when i came off the diet, all the weight went back on. Then came another diet, then another. After lots of yo-yo's and up and downs i realised that diets only work while you are on them, but as soon as you come off them all the weight - and more, comes straight back on.

I joined a gym at the age of 16, and got a personal trainer. It was the best time and money I had ever spent. I soon learned that I could loose the weight without having to deprive myself, and could eat a lot of food - just the RIGHT kind of foods.

Being overweight or unhappy has a big effect on your life. People think it's ok to be overweight but it is a huge health risk - especially as you get older. I truly understand how hard it is when you feel tired, lazy, and blobby. I understand what it is like to get looked at differently because you are heavy, and what it feels like to have uncomfortable chafing as your thighs and other bits rub together when you walk or exercise.

Food is a very emotional thing, but anybody can be taught how to get the results they want, and how to keep them. It's a lifestyle - what you do to get the cm's and bodyfat down, you have to maintain to keep it off. It might seem hard, but with the right plan, goals and support person as a positive influence it CAN be achieved. I am living proof of that :-)

Remember - I have been there.